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Driving Miss Lana

August 8, 2011

At the end of this trip, I will add “soreness from elephant driving” to my growing list of sports and age-related ailments. Riding on the neck of Lana – a 23-year-old female, Asian elephant – for the past two days has been a thrill, and worth every sore muscle. Especially, when you get to follow the mahout trainings with a Thai massage… in Thailand.

When our flight from Bangkok touched down in northern Thailand’s city of Chiang Rai, it was pouring rain. Although it’s rainy season here, the continuous downpour was particularly unusual and due to a passing storm making its way from Vietnam.

Upon our arrival to the Anantara Golden Triangle resort, which sits on a hillside overlooking the Mekong River and the country of Myanmar (still referred to as Burma here), we learned that the Golden Triangle refers to the point where three countries – Thailand, Myanmar and Laos – meet.

On our first morning, we were met by Seng, the intrepid Elephant Camp supervisor. Seng, who was born in a local hill tribe, speaks English and is a great photographer. While we thought we’d be making our way on foot to the elephant camp or catching a ride on a hotel buggy, Read More→


Humidity & History in Bangkok

August 4, 2011

Bangkok is hot and crowded, yet our senses are in a thrilling state of overdrive – everything we see, smell and taste feels simultaneously strange and fascinating. Even the 15-hour flight from Newark to Hong Kong had its excitement, as a non-English speaking flight attendant accidentally served our 17-year-old a double vodka on the rocks with a twist rather than the club soda with lime she had ordered. After a large mid-flight dehydration-provoked gulp (it was supposed to be sparkling water, remember?) her eyes widened with a startle. Pretty ironic that it happened to the daughter of the Drinking Diaries co-editor.

We started our day in Bangkok with a visit to the Grand Palace (the only Thai destination my 10-year-old son is eager to see, thanks to the “Hangover 2” trailer). Escorted by a lovely guide from Adventures Asia named Eng – who perfected her English as an au pair in Philadelphia – we made it through the packed streets from our hotel, the Sukothai, to the palace in about 30 minutes. Bangkok is renowned for its extreme traffic congestion, and although we were surrounded

by cars, buses, motorcyle taxis (no helmets necessary and about 50 cents for a five minute ride), Read More→


Welcome to Embark’a blog for all things travel and transition related.

July 27, 2011

As many of you already know, I am a passionate traveler and have been fortunate to incorporate this passion into my career as a writer.

Now, I EMBARK on yet another project. This blog will launch with posts about our family’s upcoming trip to Thailand and Bali, and will continue periodically with not only future travel posts, but also those related to transitions and new beginnings.

While the definition of EMBARK relates to boarding a vehicle, it also means to begin. As life evolves, we do as well – hopefully – and so in between my travels, it is my hope to use this blog to share my thoughts and insights on the various adventures and journeys on which I/we will EMBARK.

And of course, I invite you to share your comments along the way…