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Savoring the Tastes of Puglia

July 27, 2014

For much of the past 25 years, when I heard someone mention Puglia, I could only think back to the music-filled and pasta heavy restaurant in Manhattan’s Little Italy, where I once threw my husband a memorable and ruckus birthday party before we were married.

All that changed a few years ago when I met my friend Antonello Losito, founder of Southern Visions Travel, and heard him boast about the beauty and food of his native region, Puglia, situated in the heel of Italy’s boot. “You must come to Puglia to see for yourself”, he urged. He listed the reasons why, and I listened.

I can now say firsthand that Puglia is a trip worth making. With only six days to explore, my husband, Rich, and I made the most of our time, splitting our six days between the Adriatic coastline area south of Bari and the historic city of Lecce further the south.

With the help of Southern Visions, we spent our first two days bicycling, equipped with titanium bikes and self-guided directions that the company provided. Biking along the flat coastline – ideal for adapting to the new time zone – proved leisurely and scenic

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A Focus on Women and Art in Florence

March 31, 2013

Elisabeth-Chaplin-213x300In honor of women’s history month (March), a new walking tour focusing on women’s role in art has just launched in Florence, Italy. And isn’t it about time?

A collaboration between Context Travel and the Advancing Women Artist Foundation (AWA), this small group tour – led by Dr. Sheila Barker, director of the Jane Fortune Research Program on Women Artists in the Age of the Medici at the Medici Archives Project – takes travelers on a three-hour walk through two museums within the Pitti complex.

Covering four centuries of art, this “walking seminar” explores the creative achievements of women in Florence – from artist to art patrons. Italian art is hugely male dominated, and this is a unique opportunity to delve into questions such as: “Were women artists discriminated against?” “Can their art be distinguished from that of their male peers?” and “Who were their main clients, men or women?”

The connection between history and future is made here as well, with part of the tour proceeds going towards the funding of upcoming restoration projects geared to salvaging the city’s art by women. For more information, contact Context Travel.