At Your Request, A Bespoke Adventure

When was the last time you did something for the first time?” shouted Cindy Read’s friends from down below. Scared and injured with a scraped-up leg, Ms. Read, from Denver, struggled to make it to the top of Edward’s Crack, a narrow crevasse in a granite dome rock in Vedauwoo, Wyo. But the moment she heard her five friends call out the group’s encouraging motto, Ms. Read realized she could not give up. Her 50-foot ascent was a success, and when she reached the summit she thanked Raleigh Coburn and Danika Gilbert, the two instructors who led the climb.

A few hours later, Ms. Read recently recalled, she and her friends stood on their yoga mats in the wilderness, peering out over the rocks they had climbed that morning. With the instructors’ help, the women made their way through sun salutations to relax their bodies and stretch their tired muscles. “The warrior pose is an empowering one,” Ms. Read said, “and I felt empowered after I completed that crack climb.”