The Peaceful Balance

Is an interactive workshop aimed at helping teens develop life skills for now, at college, and throughout adulthood. Based on concepts from positive psychology—the scientific study of well-being—this four-week, one-hour workshop will engage teens in discussion, hands-on activities and exercises that will help:

  • Reduce Stress Levels
  • Promote skills for resilience
  • Introduce meditation & mindfulness
  • Nurture gratitude and kindness
  • Cultivate positivity
  • Improve communication
  • Encourage the use of character strengths
  • Increase overall happiness

I learned a lot of techniques in this workshop that I will use in the future, such as using my breath as my anchor, being mindful and having gratitude.


The mindfulness jar we made helps me relax and I keep it on my desk while I do homework. I like writing down positive thoughts in my journal, and thinking about the good things that happen each day.


This workshop has helped me become more accepting of myself. I’ve become a more mindful listener and learned how to create space before responding or making decisions.


As a teen, it is easy to become worked up and stressed. This workshop gave me tools to deal with that through meditation breathing and focusing on positivity every day.


I now have a better understanding of empathy, which makes it easier to practice. Journaling about the good things in my life has given me the opportunity to acknowledge the ways in which I feel extremely lucky. This workshop opened my mind to concepts I had overlooked.


I definitely needed this hour to think about how to see positivity, when negativity so easily clogs the brain. I learned about empathy, and to use breathing to step back to think when in a fight.