Strategies to Start Savoring

All that is important is this one moment in movement. Make the movement vital
and worth living. Do not let it slip away unnoticed and unused.

―Martha Graham

In the last month, I have watched my middle child graduate from college and my youngest graduate from high school. Emotional times for sure. As each of them marched across a stage to receive a diploma, I sat, stared and tried to take it all in. This moment. This beautiful, exciting and scary moment. My babies, no longer babies. And while there are bittersweet aspects tied to their moving along in the phases of life, the feelings of pride and love that I felt in those moments lingers even as I write this. These are priceless moments to savor.

But sometimes we forget to stop and notice these moments. And whether they are profound (like a graduation) or banal (like the dog’s tail wagging when you walk in the door), they are worth noting. The benefits are many.

In my latest piece for Psychology Today, I offer some evidence-based strategies for savoring. It is my hope that it will inspire you to pause and savor the positive moments that come your way.

And speaking of savoring, vacations are an ideal time to put this tool into play. In this piece from Mindful, Elisha Goldstein offers tips for using mindfulness to savor moments both during the planning process and the vacation itself. Safe travels—whether your vacations take you near or far.

Happy summer to you all.